Number of residents paying bills online triples

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

123 Cassville water customers pay bills online in February

The number of Cassville residents paying their water bills online tripled from January to February.

In January, only 36 payments were received online, compared to 123 in February. In January, 23 customers enrolled for online bill pay, and 69 enrolled in February. 

The online system opened in December and allows residents to pay their bills by simply logging in to and clicking on the pay bill link.

"There was a demand for the online bill pay," said Steve Walensky, city of Cassville director of public works. "More and more customers are taking advantage of it."

According to city of Cassville accounting clerk Jennifer Evans, a benefit of the system is that residents are able to view their history of water usage. Anyone who wants to know how much water they are using can see a graph on the website.

City officials said the system is available 24/7 and takes debit or credit cards. To log-in, a resident needs his or her account number and the name that appears on the bill. 

Residents are also allowed to make partial payments if they cannot pay the whole amount at once.

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