Area MSU alums gather meet at Monett's City Park Casino

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Several area alumni and friends of Missouri State University (MSU) in Springfield assembled at the City Park Casino on Nov. 18 for a MarooNation gathering.

The event featured a dinner and presentation from current MSU staff on the University's progress and future goals.

MarooNation is the alumni outreach arm on MSU.

The University has a strong presence in the area with over 1,800 alumni living in Barry and Lawrence counties.

The University currently has an enrollment of over 23,000 students and 430 bi-county students are included in that total.

Eighty --nine of the 430 students are on scholarships with three on athletic scholarships.

University President Clif Smart explained to the audience about the continued growth of facilities on the campus including the aggressive construction project at the football field.

"Next season we will have a football-only facility," said Smart. "We continue to grow (in student population). High school kids want to come to Missouri State."

Art Hains, the voice of MSU athletics on the radio, then conducted a brief conversational interview with the Bears' baseball coach Keith Guttin and athletic director Kyle Moats.

Guttin discussed how his baseball program has been able to successfully recruit MLB talent within a 250-mile radius of Springfield.

Moats discussed the decision to retain football coach Terry Allen.

"I believe it was in the best interest of the University to keep Coach Allen," said Moats. "We were playing meaningful games in November. His team could have quit on him this year but they pulled together."

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