Runners pink out at Cassville Invitational

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
The 2013 Cassville Invitational Cross Country Meet will be remembered most for two things: the pink and the rain. 

Cassville's Chris Shore turned the annual running festival into a "pinkout" for Breast Cancer Awareness, and the attending teams and fans responded with a sea of pink. With MSHSAA uniform rules waived for the meet, runners added pink socks, ribbons, shirts, and headbands to their usual running attire to demonstrate their solidarity in the fight against cancer.

The rain added a different element to the meet. .

"I hate rain," said a weary coach Shore as his volunteers fought to make sense of dripping name tags as the army of soaked runners advanced to the finish line.

The races nonetheless came off with no glitches. Despite the elements, there were some stellar times on the mostly flat course.

Lamar won the varsity boys race and McDonald County took the varsity girls title.


Varsity Boys


2.McDonald County.

Overall winner and area runners:

1. Kaden Overstreet, Lamar; 16:29.

12. Dalton Paynter, Monett.

23. Edwin Perez, Monett.

27. Aaron Morley, Monett.

33. Lane Madison, Cassville.

41. Conor Launis, Monett.

43. Jeff Crumpler, Cassville.

44. Zach Miles, Southwest.

46. Nathan Vitt, Cassville.

49. Joshua Brown, Monett.

50. Seth Delossantos, Southwest.

52. Tate Banks, Wheaton.

53. Jonah Bundy, Cassville.

56. Tyler Speakman, Cassville.

58. Ben Morris, Wheaton.

60. Jonah Ragsdale, Monett.

64. Christian Dunegan, Wheaton.

65. Riley Lekarczyk, Cassville.

67. Alex Dyer, Cassville.

68. Joey Robbins, Wheaton.

69. Tyler Pruitt, Wheaton.

70. JR Henry, Southwest.

71. Austin Trent, Wheaton.

72. Kevin Foster, Wheaton.

73. Skyler Willer, Southwest.

76. Hilsden Mosely, Wheaton.

77. Robbie Randall, Southwest.

Varsity Girls


1. McDonald County.

2. Carl Junction.

3. East Newton.

4. Monett.

5. Blue Eye.

6. Pea Ridge.

(overall winner and area runners).

1. Emily Sorrell, East Newton; 19:26.

9. Chase Burns, Wheaton.

13. Birdianna Salas, Monett.

17. Madeleine Weber, Monett.

21. Megan Thomas, Purdy.

23. Jordan Campbell, Cassville.

26. Brittany Harmon, Wheaton.

28. Jerica Lawrence, Southwest.

34. Brianna Salas, Monett.

45. Ryann Stewart, Cassville.

47. Carmen Renteria, Monett.

48. Sydney Delossantos, Southwest.

49. Elizabeth Wolfe, Southwest.

59. Mattie Stephenson, Cassville.

62. Krista Dunegan, Wheaton.

Middle School Boys

Individual winner and area runners:

1. Jon St. Clair, College Heights; 9:04.

6. Austin Wilson, Cassville.

12. Nathan Dick, Cassville.

16. Coleman Hoppes, Cassville.

24. Isaac Dodson, Cassville.

25. Landon Hendrix, Southwest.

29. Aaron Berndt, Cassville.

32. Raven Crowe, Southwest.

43. Noah Parsons, Cassville.

44. Dakota Moss, Cassville.

45. Joby Young, Purdy.

46. Jared Alverson, Southwest.

54. Brayden England, Wheaton.

61. Thomas Tabor, Cassville.

63. Samuel Holman, Cassville.

65. Peyton Nicholson, Wheaton.

Middle School Girls.

Individual winner and area runners.

1. Kinsey Sorrell, East Newton - 9:34.

4. Kaylee Morgan, Cassville.

9. Kamryn Jaques, Cassville.

17. Cailyn Spears, Purdy.

19. Maggie Robbins, Southwest.

21. Hailey Matthews, Cassville.

26. Avery Brown, Cassville.

32. Callie Beagle, Cassville.

38. Chloe Douglas, Cassville.

43. Alissa Walker, Southwest.

44. Damaris Taylor, Cassville.

48. Katie Stockton, Cassville.

49. Cierra Moore, Purdy.

53. Heather Windes, Southwest.

54. Bradianna Dalton, Southwest.

55. Rylee Moller, Purdy.


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