Alliance finalizes plans for "Kindness In Action Day"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Cassville Ministerial Alliance met recently to discuss final details for the "Kindness In Action Day" scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 20. A variety of logistical topics were discussed, including responsibilities for the meal, the worship event and projects to be assigned the day of the event.

Inquiries have been made to the school district and the city to help schedule labor-intensive activities that could best be accomplished by a team of volunteer workers. In addition, each church is in the process of internally developing a project list from those who are in obvious need of help.

James Weaver, pastor at First Baptist Church, noted that projects will be assigned based on, "Things that benefit the community at large, the trail, the parks -- specifically things that benefit those who are incapable."

Weaver and the other members of the alliance see this as an opportunity to reach those in need who may not currently be involved in a church.

"Too often we have turned our focus inward and look at this as some sort of social club for the saved," said Weaver. "Instead of realizing that He put us here to benefit those who aren't in yet."

A large number of volunteers have already signed up from each of the participating churches, but organizers believe that even more will make a commitment in the final days before the event.

"It looks like now we have about 189 people [signed up]," said Weaver. "Numbers will go up as we get closer to 250 and maybe even 300."

Volunteers will meet at 10 a.m. at the American Legion Hall on Highway 112 in Cassville to be placed on teams and receive their assignments. Those that want to volunteer not currently involved in a participating church are asked to show up and be assigned to a team.

Name tags will be provided, emblazoned with the event logo, on the day of the event and those that pre-register will also receive a T-shirt. Area residents are cautioned to check for these means of identification before letting anyone work on their property.

The Habitat for Humanity house currently being built in Cassville is one of the places that may have several team assignments. Work at that location will be based on what needs to be done at that particular time.

We'll do our best to see that project as close to finished as we can," said Weaver. "I think that we'll put as many people on that as need to be there."

Alliance members also envision teams assigned to drive in trucks with general tools looking for impromptu work to be done. Weaver cautioned against making promises to minimize any disappointment, since the number of completed projects will be dependent upon the number of volunteers.

A meal will be provided at no cost to volunteers beginning at 2 p.m. as they return to the American Legion Hall. The meal will be followed by a short worship experience in the park. Organizers plan to make this event as neutral as possible with entertainment provided by Christian performers. Those planning on attending are encouraged to bring lawn chairs.

In case of inclement weather, organizers plan to continue completing identified projects. The meal and entertainment will be re-located to the Family Life Center, located at 200 E. 5th St. in Cassville.

Alliance members are encouraged by the wellspring of support and the statement this event will make to the community. They took a moment to pause and reflect on the vision of possibly 300 people working their way through the community helping those in need.

"I think it's huge," said Weaver. "To do the Thanksgiving Service and the Good Friday Service -- that's all me, and mine, and ours. What this says is that we love you, we care about you, we want to help. We are interested in your well-being."

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