Memorial Day draws people outside

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mild temperatures and sunny skies made the 2013 Memorial Day weekend one of the top 10 in recent years, according to area marina owners. Roaring River State Park attracted around the same number of visitors as in 2012, which was credited as being the best three-day holiday weekend in years.

"The weekend was good, but it wasn't the best we have ever had," said Darrell Tilford, owner of the Eagle Rock Landing Boat Dock Marina. "Sunday was a really good day. Saturday we saw about 60 percent of what I expected, but overall it was a good weekend."

The Shell Knob side of Table Rock Lake also saw a large amount of lake traffic during the three-day weekend.

"It went very well," said Gene Stimble, Campbell Point Marina owner. "The weather cooperated nicely, and a lot of people came to the lake. It was a great weekend."

With the lake at an adequate level to start the 2013 lake season, local marina owners have high hopes for the summer.

"I think it is going to be a good year," said Tilford. "We have water for a change."

Stimble hopes to see temperatures climb slightly higher over the next few weeks.

"I hope the weather warms up a little more and we don't have a lot of storms on the weekends," said Stimble. "I hope everyone comes out and enjoys the lake this summer.

"It was great to get the summer kicked off and going," continued Stimble. "All the marinas are ready to go. We are looking forward to a good year."

Campsites at Roaring River were full during the entire Memorial Day weekend, said Dusty Reid, park superintendent.

"The first-come, first-served campsites filled up Wednesday afternoon, and all the reserved sites were full by Friday night," said Reid. "We had an outstanding weekend. The weather was beautiful. It seemed like the overnight guests and the day use guests turned out in large numbers, and everybody had a good weekend."

The park sold 3,318 tags during the Memorial Day weekend. The count was around the same as the number of tags issued in 2012. Tag sales were as follows: 411 on Friday; 1,089 on Saturday; 1,072 on Sunday; and 746 on Monday.

"We had really good weather, and everything really turned out good," said Paul Spurgeon, Roaring River Hatchery manager.

Local residents also enjoyed spending time relaxing at the Cassville Aquatic Center during the three-day holiday weekend. The pool opened its 2013 swim season on Saturday.

"The weekend turned out very well," said Dove Haney, Cassville YMCA manager. "It was a smooth opening, and we are very excited to start another summer."

The aquatic center attracted over 500 swimmers over the Memorial Day weekend. On opening day, attendance was 200, and on Sunday 175 people visited the pool. Attendance was 140 on Memorial Day.

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