Cox Rehab adds new tool to resources

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Photo by Jared Lankford Demonstration Cox Rehab and Sports Medicine, in Monett, showcased its new HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool to the community on Jan. 21. Pictured above Greg Gilmore explained the pool features to those in attendance at the open house.

Cox Rehab and Sports Medicine in Monett has added a new piece of technology to its rehabilitation resources, the HydroWorx pool.

Cox hosted an open house on Jan. 21 and Jan. 23 to introduce the pool and its benefits to area residents.

"The pool has been something we were needing for a while," said Cox's athletic training coordinator Greg Gilmore. "We were receiving one to three calls a week asking if we offered aquatic rehabilitation. Since construction began, we started receiving three to four calls a day."

Cox originally approved the project for Monett in 2007 but the economic downturn delayed construction of the pool facility.

With the economy slowly improving, the project found traction in 2012.

Upon first glance, the HydroWorx unit resembles a small swimming pool. However, the package is more like a fully loaded Cadillac for trainers.

The pool's equipment includes a variable speed submerged treadmill with a video monitor to help patients adjust their stride. A jet system is present to provide resistance and counteract buoyancy.

"Athletes recovering from knee or ankle surgery have to essentially learn to walk again," said Gilmore. "The treadmill and monitor allow us, and more importantly the patient, to address proper walking techniques."

HydroWorx also utilizes massage wands to break up scar tissue, increase the range of motion and help reduce lactic acid in muscles after a workout

The pool is a major benefit for Cox and its patients in three areas: physical therapy, athletes recovering from ACL, MCL or ankle surgery and training.

Physical therapy

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain, lower body injuries or have had a hip or knee replacements are ideal candidates for aquatic therapy.

"The water is able to displace up to 75 percent of a person's weight which aids in creating as pain-free an environment as possible," said Gilmore. "The pool is the ideal place for these individuals to begin recovery."


Athletes who are recovering from ACL or MCL surgeries are already reaping the benefits of the pool.

"Swelling is the enemy of all land-based rehabilitation," said Gilmore. "The water provides pressure around the surgical area which helps limit the swelling."

Athletes will now have the opportunity to walk nearly pain free in the pool only 14 days after surgery.

"The sooner you can get an athlete into therapy, the sooner they can recover," said Gilmore. "The pool gives us the opportunity to get an athlete back to 100 percent at an accelerated pace."

In December 2011, in a game against the Washington Redskins, Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson suffered both ACL and MCL tears, which led to reconstructive knee surgery.

A normal recovery for this type of injury is at least one year following surgery, and usually hinders the players cutting, speed, or explosiveness in some way

Peterson, known as one of the hardest workers in the game, using a HydroWorx pool not only met his goal of playing in the first game, but shattered it. He rushed for 84 yards and two touchdowns, less than nine months after major knee surgery.


Mo Farah and Galen Rupp may not be household names but the pair finished with the gold and silver medals in the 10,000-meter run in the 2012 Olympics.

Farah and Rupp used aquatic training as part of their daily regiment.

"The pool makes the heart more efficient," said Gilmore. "The muscle is able to pump more blood throughout the body at a lower pulse rate.

"It allows the athlete to essentially double the benefit of one training session," explained Gilmore.

With the Hydroworx pool, located in Monett, individuals will no longer need to travel to Joplin or Springfield for treatment.

"This new service will provide a major benefit to Monett and to all of the surrounding communities," said Gilmore.

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