Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last year, the City of Los Angeles, Calif., proclaimed Feb. 1 as Rob Dyrdek Day in honor the professional skateboarder's philanthropic work, including the construction of seven skate parks in the city. Although I would not consider myself a skateboarding fan and I can only name one other professional skateboarder, I am a fan of Rob Dyrdek. I enjoyed watching the adventures of Rob and Christopher "Big Black" Boykin on MTV's "Rob and Big," and I also love seeing what mischief Dyrdek will get into on his newer television show, "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory." If you have never seen either of these shows or followed Rob's skateboarding career maybe you will know about his other claim to fame. Rob is the stunt driver that performed the "kick flip," or 360 degree rotation, in the Chevy Sonic during a commercial that aired during last year's Super Bowl.

During the inaugural Rob Dyrdek Day, the professional skateboard issued a challenge to the City of Los Angeles, which I believe could be extended to all Americans. He asked residents to consider the following question: "Did you really do everything kind?" It's a simple question, but it showcases what Dyrdek is all about. On episodes of his television shows I have seen him give away skateboards, money and opportunities to contest winners, fans and strangers on the street.

As we approach the anniversary of Rob Dyrdek Day, I would like to ask local residents to consider Dyrdek's challenge. Let's make sure we really do everything kind on Feb. 1 and continue that kindness throughout the year. In addition to just being kind to our family, co-workers and friends, we can extend considerate attitudes to those we don't even know by volunteering or making a donation to a local organization or charity. The local food pantries are always appreciative of any contribution no matter how small, OACAC collects funds throughout the year for its annual school readiness fair and Share Your Christmas efforts, local Friends of the Library organizations are always in need of members and the newly established Books and Bandaids group is working to collect 2,000 chapter books for Cassville Primary and Intermediate School students before the end of the 2012-13 school year. There are numerous other ways to help our local community, including supporting our youth at sporting events and student activities and shopping locally.

I would love to hear about the ways our readers benefited from the kindness of others this week. You can share your stories with me by emailing me at editor@cassville-democrat.com or by visiting the Cassville Democrat Facebook page. Happy DYRDEK Day!

Lindsay Reed