MoDOT begins summer mowing

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Over the next few weeks, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) maintenance crews will be mowing many of the roadsides throughout southwest Missouri.

These crews will complete maintenance on roadsides on state routes in rural and city areas, small towns and suburban areas. They will usually cut six to 15 feet from the road in one pass, depending on the area's terrain.

Mowing crews can be identified by a slowly moving dump truck following one or more tractors, all with warning lights flashing. These entourages often move between two and five miles per hour, so be prepared to move slowly or even stop when following them, especially on a hill or curve of a two-lane road.

Take much caution when passing a mowing operation, only proceeding when enough of the road is visible to make sure there is no oncoming traffic.

When mowing operations maintain urban areas, they will mow close to the roadside on outside shoulders and freeway or express medians.

The last mowing for this year will occur in the middle of September, and should be completed by Nov. 30.

Between these scheduled mowings, if any grass or weeds block street intersection visibility, contact MoDOT, and they will remove the obstruction.

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