Cassville YMCA soccer camp held

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
The Cassville YMCA is currently holding its annual summer youth soccer camp. This year, 20 youngsters have signed up to participate in the camp. Pictured above, are: Kory Harvey, Caleb Martin, Eli Herrin, Corbin Gibson, Sadie Reuter, Joseph Reuter, Quixote Gautney-Lopez, Kayden Fuchs, Ethan Fuchs, Vance Supulver, Sophie Scott, Mason Hendrix, Quinn Cook, Adian Cook, Jarett Crouthamel, Jacob Crouthamel, Carter Fisher, Caden Abramovitz, Savannah Clere and Lucas Hall. Coaches who assisted with the camp were: Bob Crouthamel, Andrew Hoskins, Ben Reuter, BJ McGuffey, Blake Fields and Trevor Supulver.

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