Crowder College student enrollment increases again

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Crowder College Cassville Campus' fall enrollment increased over 4 percent when compared to 2010 figures. The local college campus is also offering over 5 percent more credit hours this semester.

"Crowder College has a great reputation," said Angela Seymour, Crowder College Cassville Campus director. "Academically, Crowder is a great choice, but financially, it can't be beat. When you consider the cost of tuition and gas to drive or the cost of living near a larger school, there is no comparison.

"We offer convenience," said Seymour. "Our students can keep their jobs and stay at home, and our non-traditional students can work around their families. Our campuses continue to grow, offering more sections and more flexibility for students, and our students have very successful transfer rates when they go on to other colleges."

The Crowder College Cassville Campus saw a 4.36 percent increase in student enrollment for the fall semester. Although enrollment numbers show that 478 students are attending classes at the local college, the head count is actually 570 this year.

Official enrollment numbers are impacted when students attend classes in Cassville and at the main campus in Neosho during the semester.

The total number of credit hours offered at the Cassville Campus increased by 5.36 percent this year. Students are enrolled in 4,694 credit hours at the local campus.

The Cassville Campus continues to add new programs each year. Most recently, the local college added a CNA (certified nurse's assistant) specialist program and an EMT (emergency medical technician) program. This year, the college also added two full-time faculty members, which allowed the campus to increase the number of science and communications arts classes available to local students.

More students are also being served through vocational education classes offered at the Southwest Area Career Center and day and evening general education classes offered at a facility on Cleveland Avenue in Monett this year.

In addition to classes offered in Monett, Crowder College has added classes in Greenfield and Lamar this year. A total of 67 students have enrolled in 537 credit hours through the three satellite programs. Next year, classes will be added in Mt. Vernon also.

Crowder College reported a 2.96 percent increase in full-time equivalent students and a 3.66 percent increase in total student numbers. This year, 5,410 students are attending Crowder classes offered online, through one of the satellite programs or at campuses in Neosho, Cassville, Nevada and Webb City.

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