Letter to the Editor

Wrong side of the lake again

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Editor:

This letter is to inform the citizens of Barry County that the residents of Big Bass Bend in Shell Knob are flooded in again. As of May 2, it has been seven days that the only road into or out of our neighborhood has been under water. There are approximately 50 people that live in the affected area full-time.

This happened in 2008 and the road was under water for four months. The solution the county came up with in 2008 was inadequate. I have insisted that the solution was inadequate since I heard the solution in 2008.

The solution was to bring the approaches to the bridge up to the height of the bridge. The bridge is at 929 feet elevation and the top of the Table Rock Lake flood pool is 931 and can be brought to 937 feet in emergencies like what occurred last week.

On April 27, the lake level hit a new record of 935.47; the old record level was 933.2 feet set in 2008. When I brought up the issue with Barry County officials in 2008 they told me that it was a once in a 100 year event. Now three years later, we have been hit with another once in a supposed 100 year event.

My concerns over this issue have been posted in all three Barry County papers. I intend on going to the Barry County Commission meeting to speak with the commissioners again about these matters. I'm sure it will fall on deaf ears.

Ambulance, fire service and sheriff are all paid for with our tax dollars. In 2008, for four months, we virtually had none of these services that every one else in this county has. How long will it be this time that we don't have essential services we are taxed for?


Lonnie Vogt

Shell Knob, Missouri