Mail delivery could stop for some county residents

Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Barry County residents should be using their new E-911 address by March 1. Individuals who did not submit a completed change of address card to the U.S. Postal System could stop receiving mail next month.

"People need to get those cards sent into their post office," said Harold Schelin, Barry County Emergency Service Board member. "If they do not, the post office may not deliver their mail after the end of the month."

Over the last year, area post offices have delivered mail that is addressed using either a new 911 address or an old address. The one-year grace period for changing addresses will expire in the next few weeks.

"It can take a month or two for addresses to be updated," said Mike Phillips, county GIS technician. "When I submit a new address, it must first be updated by AMS (Address Management Systems), which keeps a list of addresses available for banks and other organizations."

AMS has a contract with the U.S. Postal System to manage and update all addresses. Local post offices must download address updates from AMS. This process can cause a delay in mail delivery, which some area residents have already experienced, said Phillips.

Individuals who have questions or concerns about their new E-911 mailing address are encouraged to call Phillips or Barry County E-911 Director Pat Leighter at 846-4911.

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