Letter to the Editor

Cassville Wildcat football is a rarity

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear Editor:

Last Friday night on television, I witnessed a rare sight. Probably the finest display of GOOD sportsmanship I have ever seen. The game was when the Cassville Wildcats defeated Cardinal-Ritter of St. Louis for the state championship.

No penalties for the Cassville Wildcats. On each and every play, they were helping their opponents to their feet, patting them on the back and going about business as usual.

Never once did I see a display of the "me attitude," too common today, or the throwing of a "fit" after a mistake. No one individual won the game; it truly was a team effort. A tape of this game should be shown to most college programs and required for all NFL teams.

Coach Large, a big man and a presence in any room, has a quiet mannerism. When questioned on football, he quietly explains the team spirit so prevalent in the Cassville Wildcats.

I am honored to live in a community of such young men that exhibit such sportsmanship.


Chip Kammerlohr

Cassville, Missouri