Crews install new water lines in Exeter

Thursday, May 29, 2008
C-2 Projects, LLC, began installing new water lines along roadways in Exeter during the first week of April. Raymond Vanzandt, resident project representative, estimated that crews have installed less than 20 percent of the city's new water lines. "We have laid around 11,000 feet of six-inch water line," said Vanzandt. "We haven't installed any of the tie-ins or anything, and we don't have any customers hooked on. It will all need to be disinfected first. We've really just scratched the surface." In addition to new water lines, Exeter's $1,695,580 drinking water system improvement project plans call for renovations and disinfection of the city's existing 50,000-gallon water storage tank and the construction of a new 200,000-gallon elevated water storage tank. Caldwell Tanks, Inc., has been hired to install the new storage tank. Crews are scheduled to begin pouring the concrete footings for the tank next week. Democrat Photo

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