Letter to the Editor

Pork thieves are asked to come clean

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Editor:

I believe Cassville, Missouri, is a wonderful place to live, so I am hoping that a few, observant individuals can help me. Last Sunday, between the hours of 4 and 5 p.m. at the old city park, more specifically, the batting cages, someone stole around $150 worth of pork from my smoker/grill.

Surely, someone was playing basketball, or possibly, just near the park, and noticed some activity at the cages. I had to run an errand and was only gone for an hour. It had to be at least two people that did the crime, because the lid to the smoker is very heavy. If you know anything that could help the police in finding who took this meat, please call me at 847-7344. There is a reward of $100 offered.

On a side note: it takes approximately 12 hours for this particular type of pork to be completely cooked (smoked). The items taken were only on the smoker/grill about four and a half hours. It is my other hope that the guilty party did not eat meat for fear of possible trichinellosis contamination.

Again, I love living in Cassville; a town where you don't have to lock up everything you own. It is unfortunate that a few folks can spoil that great feeling that comes with living in a small community. I also realize that a $150 loss is not that large in relation to what others may have lost in the past, but it is a sizable loss for me.

In summary, you know who you are. You know what you did. You have one chance to make things right. Bring the meat back, so I can dispose of it. Admit to the act, apologize and we will work something out.

The other option is to wonder if someone saw you and whether they will call me. Since there was over $100 worth of product taken, you may have committed a felony. Not sure, but I will check it out. You have one week.

On a positive note, I want to thank the residents of Cassville and the surrounding area for a great eight years of living here.


Jason Gaskill

Country Caterin'

Cassville, Missouri