Where were all the Cassville parents?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dear Editor:

Last Monday, March 31, a group of professional people well versed in the problems of teenage drinking put on a public town hall meeting at the Cassville High School. No one attended. If it wasn't for the candidates for public office, law enforcement, public officials and one set of parents, the group would have been talking to themselves.

Yes, you have good excuses for NOT attending. The weather was bad. Yes, it had rained all day but the sun had come out and it was beautiful before the time of the meeting. Also, it was difficult to find the place of the meeting . . . it was at the commons area of the Cassville High School, a place you take your child to every day.

This group provided videos, personal experiences, statistics and tools for prevention of the problem of teenage drinking.

This meeting was well advertised and a letter and program was sent to the home of each student.

The participants have other 8 to 5 jobs . . . they were not doing this for additional compensation or recognition, but to try to provide an in-road into a problem that affects all of us.

I would have wanted my wife home for supper and companionship, but she feels this is a problem where she and her cohorts can "make a difference."

Public opinion, especially parents, can always say, NOT my child. You, my friend, are not living in today's world.

The next time, God forbid, a child is injured, maimed or killed because of an alcohol-related accident and you're looking for answers, pleading because no one wanted to address this problem and looking to someone to blame . . . look in the mirror.

Thank you,

Chip Kammerlohr

Cassville, Missouri