Animals are not to blame for problems

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Editor:

Having lived here for more than 70 years, I have to assume that none of you folks eat chicken, beef, nor drink milk or eat eggs. I have heard of those, who eat grass only, however, we are not all of that taste.

Something I would point out is that polution here did not exist until these lakes were built. Do you know Beaver Lake is classed as polluted. It drains into Table Rock, and in turn, into Leatherwood Creek at Holiday Island? Is the sewage from Eureka Springs, Hadack Creek on the east side of the Arkansas state line? Is the drain for Holiday Island s sewage and every hollow that is the drainage for someone s septic tank and houses built on top of solid rock bluffs cannot possiby have systems that work proper, or even close to it? How many of you know that ALL of Roaring River State Park s Sewage is the first one to be discharged in the fields in front and across from the horse barn?

I worked in maintenance for more than 40 years, and in my life, I would like to remind all of you folks, I have never seen a cow throw out a bag of dirty diapers or trash. I have never seen hogs throw out beer cans on other s property. I have never seen an economy, in this county at least, any more dependant than we are for taxes, schools, roads and everything else that every one wants and enjoys, were it not for chickens.

I would remind all, take a good look at the problems first, after all, animals were here first, and there were no sewage problems. The only thing that is the cause of water problems in this country is people, and it will get worse, and it isn t hogs, cattle and chickens to blame.


Ken Sherman

Eagle Rock, Missouri