Ladycat senior surpasses 1,000-point scoring mark

Thursday, December 21, 2006

With an under-average nine points on Monday night, Cassville High School senior guard Julie Cupps became only the third player under coach Chris Shore to score over 1,000 points for the Cassville Wildcats. The other two were Lacy Underwood in 2004 and Rachel Selby in 2005.

Cupps is one of the guards for Cassville and is having a good season averaging close to 15 points per game as well as two steals and two assists.

"Julie has done a solid job for us over the past three and a half years," said Coach Chris Shore.

Cupps got her first chance to start as a freshman, after an untimely injury took out Nicole Smith in the first part of the season. She has been starting ever since.

Cupps started playing basketball when she was young, beginning organized basketball in third-grade. She also credits getting plenty of practice against her older brothers, who she says, she could not beat, not necessarily because she didn't have the skill, but because they would beat her up.

When asked if she had imagined getting to 1,000 points in her high school career Cupps stated, "I didn't really think about it, but my freshman year Lacy Underwood got it and then my sophomore year Rachel (Selby) got it and then I kinda made it a goal of mine."

Other goals Cupps has set for herself, include setting the total record for points for the team and the record for most points in a game. Although unable to attain the record for the first the latter record is 36 points set by Selby.

As for the team, Cupps would like to see the Ladycats take conference and then make a post-season appearance as well.

After college Cupps would like to play basketball at the collegiate level. Hoping to possibly go to a junior college and then transfer to a bigger school.

Cupps is a very good player and has many skills, but perhaps one thing she will be most remembered for is her carrying on of the unique move that has been labeled "The Texas Hop," which is a move first seen performed by Matt Holtzman and Lacy Underwood in the early 21 century.

The move consists of a drive into the lane, and then a hop that catapults you into a jump shot. Cupps watched Underwood do it her freshman year and decided that she would like to add it to her repertoire.

The Texas Hop move might eventually die, but the effect that Cupps and the rest of the seniors have had on the girls basketball program will not. When they graduate they will be sorely missed and one can only wish them the best of luck on the rest of the season.

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