Committee input is very negative

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dear Editor:

Well on Aug. 31 the ugly face of defeatism and negativity raised its head again at the Wheaton School Board meeting in the form of a new committee "Community Facility Input." I find the name of this committee a joke. I believe a more appropriate name for this group should be "Negative Input Committee."

First of all, I am offended by a repeated statement that was made about select citizens contacted in the Wheaton community on various subjects the Negative Input Committee discussed in its private, secure and closed meetings. The last letter I wrote, my mailing address was published, and I never received one letter from anybody on the committee. This must have been to difficult too handle, so here is my home phone number 417-652-3227, if and when you have another meeting you may contact me.

There were over 50 people at this last school board meeting, excluding the six or so from the committee. Not one of the 50 landowner farmers or taxpaying citizens were contacted. Some-thing else that bothered me is that you kept saying that we are "A conservative community." That may very well be, however, you can be conservative without being pessimismistic on everything.

I see the Wheaton community as a positive community, where as your small group (less than 1 percent of the Wheaton population) only sees negatively. Futhermore, state-ments were made about how the Wheaton School could not afford anything. I ask, does anybody of the Negative Input Committee know what the budget (a working document) for the 2006-07 school year is? No, well I will tell you-$3.547 million plus a $1.325 million surplus from the 2005-06 school year.

One member of the Negative Input Committee has said many times before that he graduated from Wheaton without the gym being air-conditioned, and that if it was good enough for him, then it should be good enough our kids today. Sir, do you drive the same automobile that you did in high school? Or did you graduate with the same computers the students have today, if any? Now do you want to take all the computers out of the school then?

Another member's contri-butions only consist of getting citizens and students out of our school and the money they bring with them. Does this sound like good business to anyone else, giving money to other school districts?

Then you have two members of your committee that have added on and expanded their homes, one for family youth, the other for her business. However both of them condemn the school for doing the same. Do you think that they used asbestos flooring?

There were only two suggestions that came out of the Negative Input Committee. One, everyone agrees that the present ag. building floods; however, the committee suggested that three new rooms be added on to the ag. building, so now more students can be placed into an unsafe environment. What? Are you kidding me? Two, that instead of making the elementary school more safe and secure by enclosing the walkway between the elementary school and the high school and putting in a principal's and secretary's office it was suggested to cover the walkway when the walkway is already covered. I guess those are the best ideas all the members had to offer, but I don't know nor does anyone else, because we were not invited.

Finally, I spoke with some staff as well as some school board members of which none were invited to your committee meetings.

Adam Chapman

Wheaton, Missouri