Letter to the Editor

Fire district needs volunteers desperately

Thursday, April 27, 2006

To the community:

We need firefighters and a couple of dispatchers desperately to serve the Eagle Rock-Golden-Mano Fire District. People relocate, move or change jobs and are no longer available to volunteer their time. We need to replace those people.

The dispatching will take care of itself when 911 is ready, but it is believed that this is probably a year away yet. If you have a few hours on certain days you can be a dispatcher, training is provided by the fire department.

Training is also provided for volunteer firefighters. Most meetings are held on Monday nights. Becoming a volunteer firefighter or dispatcher is a good way to help the community you live in. And it is also a personal challenge.

If you can help or are interested, please call me at 271-3642 or 271-4182.

Thank you,

Fire Chief Ron Creek

Eagle Rock, Missouri