Brock withdraws council candidacy

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A tie vote in the race for Cassville north ward aldermen will not result in a new election. Last Wednesday, Blaine Brock, one of the candidates, announ-ced his intention to withdraw his candidacy for the post.

"After prayerful conside-ration of my support in the campaign, I feel that it is with the best interest of the City of Cassville, that I hereby withdraw my candidacy for the north ward alderman position with thanks and appreciation to the voters who supported me," stated Brock in a written statement released by Mayor Jim Craig on Thursday.

Brock collected 188 votes in last Tuesday's election, which was identical to the number cast for incumbent Gary Whyte.

According to Missouri election laws, there are three ways to break a tie. The first is to decide the issue by "casting of lots," which is typically done with a coin toss. The second is for one of the candidates to withdraw his candidacy. If neither of the first two options are met, then the mayor is authorized to call for a new election.

With Brock's withdrawal from the race, Whyte retains his seat on the Cassville City Council.

Brock's decision was made during a meeting on April 5. Those attending the meeting were Brock, Whyte, Craig, outgoing South Ward Alderman Chip Kammerlohr and City Clerk Kelly Paul.

"We approach any situation like this with mutual respect for all involved," said Craig. "Mr. Blaine Brock is a life-long citizen of Cassville and a highly respected man in the community. I duly note that he was well supported in the election, and I accept his decision to withdraw. I thank him for his candor and his support for the goals and the values that city government represents."

On Friday, Cassville aldermen met in special session to officially reorganize follow-ing the April 4 election.

Election results certified by the Barry County Clerk's Office were accepted by the Council, and then Paul administered the oath of office to Whyte and new South Ward Alderman Herb Primrose.

The council also recognized the contributions of Kammer-lohr, who has served on the council for the past five years.

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