Letter to the Editor

Alderman resigns, addresses voters Dear Editor:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I recently resigned my position as east ward alderman of the City of Seligman. A position I have been honored to serve. I wish to apologize to the citizens that elected me to that position. I hope that I have not let you down.

To resign my position was a very tough decision to make. Please understand, I have never been a quitter -- EVER! My motto in life is "I always win." This motto is even my screensaver.

I just cannot continue to serve in a position that I do not trust all of the aldermen that I serve with.

Does anyone realize that we have an alderman that has recently had their business raided by the Arkansas State Police, the Missouri State Police and the Barry County Sheriff's Office? It was a headline story on KY3 news and was also on the front page of the Cassville Democrat. On the KY3 story, the alderman in question was clearly shown being loaded into a police car, and KY3 reported charges were filed.

The news reported approximately $100,000 worth of stolen computers and equipment was seized from the business property. Even worse, the City of Seligman purchased two new computers from this business.

Now I have to ask. When facing charges of this type, should an elected official keep their seat on the city council? Is that ethical? I don't know.

Why would Tom Delay resign his seat as House Majority Leader? He had an ethical and moral obligation to his constituents.

I feel that if not a resignation, a public statement was at least owed to the citizens of Seligman.

Is this person guilty? I don't know. But do you think that an investigation of this sort would be far off the mark? Maybe this is all a big misunderstanding or maybe they mistakenly got the wrong person. I don't know. I do know I respected my position too much to go on serving under these circumstances. This person helps make LAWS for the citizens of this city.

When this happened, I decided to wait to see if this alderman would be re-elected. Much to my dismay they were. Do the voters even realize who they are voting for? On this note, I have to express my utter disgust with the voter turnout in the recent election-LESS THAN 25 percent.

It is a sad world when the people are so hypocritical to judge the world they live in and complain about politics-but don't go to vote!

It has been an honor and a pleasure serving the City of Seligman.


Jeff Handley

Former East Ward Alderman

City of Seligman, Missouri