Staff takes pride in park improvements

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Members of the Roaring River State Park staff work hard to prepare the park and its facilities for Opening Day of trout season, which is Wednesday, March 1. The crew, which represents the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Missouri Division of State Parks and concessions staff, gathered for a group picture in front of the newly renovated Civilian Conservation Corps falls on Feb. 15. Pictured above, are: Jerry Dean, Kevin Asbury, Brian Ulrich, Marvin Farwell, Frank Pharv, Ben Haveus, Jurij Lomshek, Kevin Bolling, Bill Ash, Lloyd Brotherton, Jerry Casselman, Diana Conner, Jon Elkins, Mary Kackley, Leon Mahurin, Dennis Melancon, Gary Swearingen, Bob Smith, Tim Smith, Larry Quinalty, Glen Hall, Ari Juhala, Beverly Maher, Jeff Maher, David Waugh, Ginger Armstrong, Stephanie Marcano, Pam Laney, Claudia Peters, Amber Ganoung, Jack Gannaway, Bill Shaw, Cheyanne Butler, Norma Smith, Wilma Harris, Crystal Johns, Krissie Crum, Tina Mcintyre, Jack Mattingly, Lori Mattingly, Sara McCormick, Reba Hudson, Liz Hudson, Bonnie Dean and Mindi Harper. Absent from the photo are: Lindsey Shockley, Alisha Mcintyre, Linda Patterson, Destiny Massey, Teddy Poe, Sharon Hopkins, Jim Hopkins, Caleb Wardlaw, Joe Wood, Brad Farwell, Chris Landstad and Jim and Carmen Rogers, park concessionaires. Democrat Photo

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