Letter to the Editor

Support of Miles for Meals appreciated

Thursday, November 10, 2005

To the community:

A hearty thanks to the community, businesses and individuals for our recent Miles for Meals walkathon. There were 81 walkers who walked a total of 364 miles. We fell $80 short of our $10,000 goal, but we will make that up. Thanks so much for everyone who participated in any way.

We depend on fundraisers to help support our various activities and meal deliveries. Over the last five months, we have delivered an average of 3,224 meals each month. There has been an average of 1,472 eating at the Center during those months plus an average of 25 paying guests who are not senior citizens. The suggested donation for those 60 years of age and older is $2.50 per meal, whether or not they are consumed in the Center. The cost per meal of those under 60 years is $4.50. The meals are well balanced, and from personal experience, I can say they are well presented and delicious. Come check it out.

The Center is very active, which requires a lot of volunteer hours to keep it humming. We are always receptive to those who have a few hours to contribute to this worthy project. Many of these homebound persons would be in care facilities, or require more family care, were it not for the home-delivered meals. It is obviously best for everyone concerned to keep people in their preferred surroundings.

This is a good community. Thanks again for your continued effort to improve on what we have.


Don Beeson

Board President

Cassville, Missouri