Sheriff’s Office took 13,217 calls in 2021

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Sales tax would increase officers per shift

The Barry County Sheriff’s Office responds to calls to 911 across the county — more than 13,000 last year.

Danny Boyd, Barry County Sheriff, said last year, the Office responded to 13,217 911 calls. He said an unfortunate consequence of COVID-19 was an increase in domestic disturbance calls. In 2020, there were 545 domestic disturbance calls, in 2021 there were 501.

“Those domestic situations escalated in 2020,” he said. “In 2021 people started to adjust better. People got used to their children and spouses being home.

“In an abusive situation, people are reluctant to call 911 due to the consequences they may face at the hands of their spouse. They are too intimidated to call.”

Additionally, traffic calls were affected by COVID-19.

“I was talking to the undersheriff, who worked under the last administration, and the protocols for responding to calls changed in 2020,” Boyd said. “They didn’t do as much self initiated calls.”

That had been a trend among other departments as well, due to COVID-19 which is consistent with a decrease in traffic stops.

“Property and theft crimes did, however, go up,” Boyd said. “People lost jobs and we saw that in property damage and thefts. We are concerned with the theft, and we are seeing that a lot now as gas prices increase.”

Theft crimes also tend to increase as the weather gets warmer.

“People are getting out,” Boyd said. “ Crime rates in general go up with the temperature. We see an increase in domestics.”

While crime and temperature increase, the number of officers has decreased, and the number of officers per shift does effect response.

“We try to do paper service between calls,” he said. “We take priority calls first. That is tough with domestics because we send two officers. The biggest concern for officer safety is a domestic, because it can get ugly fast.”

The launch of the new Mobile software has helped in that department.

“With the computers in the cars dispatch can see where we are and that helps with a quicker response time,” he said. “Our goal is that quicker response time. When people call the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, we need to get there to resolve the problem. We have the Barry County citizens safety as our top priority.”

Boyd said adding one more officer per shift would help with that.

“It will help out two top goals, response time and safety,” he said. “In 2022, we want better response times, more officers and to be more community oriented. We want the community to know what os going on.”

In 2021, the Sheriff’s Office received 13,217 calls to 911. Of that, 947 were traffic stops, 285 traffic/transportation incident (crash), 1,109 suspicious/ wanted, 564 theft, 1,606 paper service, 83 missing person, 263 harassment/stalking/threat, 507 domestic disturbance/violence, 187 burglary/home invasion, 125 assault/sexual assault, 302 animals, 21 abduction/custodial abduction/hostage situation, 25 pursuit, and 282 trespassing/unwanted calls.

In contrast, in 2020, the Office received 11,582 calls to 911. That included, 639 traffic stop, 166 traffic/transportation incident (crash), 496 theft, 891 suspicious/ wanted, 1,367 paper service, 17 indecency/lewdness, 257 domestic disturbances/violence, 306 animals, 143 assault/sexual assault, and 231 burglary/home invasion calls.

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