To eat, or not to eat

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Weight management a breeze for Lady Wildcats

An underreported and undervalued part of the wrestling world is the discipline it takes to keep a consistent weight while hopefully getting stronger and more powerful.

For the four Cassville girls wrestlers headed to state this week, weight management is always at the forefront of their minds, but there’s still room for a little cheating.

Senior Kelsey Harris said this season she had to cut 10 pounds at the start.

“I at oatmeal for breakfast, a can of tuna for lunch and a can of chicken for dinner,” she said. “After two weeks, I kept eating the oatmeal and tuna, but I started having regular dinners.”

Sophomore Faith James said during the season, she tries to stick to chicken and salad.

“It’s simple and easy to cook,” She said. “And, you can eat it so many different ways. If I need to lose weight quick, I layer up and go work out so I sweat out my water weight.”

Junior Annie Moore said she had never struggled with weight until this season.

“I had to cut before a couple tournaments this season,” she said. “I try to eat consistently and not deprive myself of food. I would rather work out than stop eating.”

Junior Kailey Artherton was the first to admit it’s not always easy.

“I don’t really have a good diet,” she said. “I just eat less proportions of what I normally eat, and I cut out sugar and sodas, and do less snacking. I never feel pressure to make weight, but after Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s tough to keep weight down.”

While wrestlers are often needing to maintain or even lose a pound or two, sometimes, they have to gain. In this group’s case, only Harris and James have ever had to make that move.

“To gain in my freshman year, I just ate everything I saw,” Harris said. “I still didn’t gain much.”

“One time at Tulsa Nationals I had to go a class heavier, so I just went and ate steak,” James said.

Each of the girls have their mainstays, and each also have their guilty pleasures.

“I eat eggs in the morning and grilled chicken a lot,” Artherton said. “If I’m close on weight, I’ll eat tuna, or peanut butter and jelly on a tortilla. [I don’t have a specific food I cheat with], but sometimes when there a while until the next meet, I will eat more, but I try not to.”

Moore said she mostly gets to eat what she wants.

“I have a sausage biscuit in the mornings, then I eat things like smoothies and those Chobani drinks,” she said. “I love candy, though. I love cheesecake and cookies and chocolate strawberries. I really don’t eat much real food. I just shove candy in my mouth.”

Harris said her mainstays are similar.

“I eat a lot of tuna, fruits and yogurt,” she said. “But, I love ice cream, and that’s been hard to give up. My favorite is cookies and cream.”

James said she sticks mostly to the chicken, but there’s one thing she can’t resist.

“Skittles,” she said. “Before districts I ate 1,600 calories in Skittles. I love the regular ones, especially since lime is back.”

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