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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Kailey Artherton pinned Monett’s Jazmin Garrett in 46 seconds to secure her Big 8 Tournament title at 120 pounds. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

Cassville quintet bring home Big 8 golds

The Cassville girls wrestling team saw more than half of its members bring home gold at the Big 8 Tournament in Monett on Jan. 19, and the Lady Wildcats earned two special honors.

Champions included Kelsey Harris, at 110; Annie Moore, at 115; Kailey Artherton, at 120; Hailey Roark, at 130; and Faith James, at 135. Moore was also named the Big 8 Wrestler of the Year, and Cassville Coach Nathan Fortner was named Big 8 Coach of the Year.

Kelsey Harris takes down Nevada’s Jade Feller, who she pinned in 43 seconds. Harris took first place in the Big 8 at 110 pounds. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

Four other Lady Wildcats competed, including Haley Morse at 141, third; Taylor Glidewell at 194, third; Jhandi Shears at 105, fourth; and Scotlyn Richardson at 135, sixth.

It was almost a full sweep of pins for the Cassville first-place finishers, as only one of the group’s 17 matches went the distance.

“You get more team points with pins, and the ultimate goal in wrestling is to get your opponent on their back,” Fortner said. “These girls are just good at it, and we’ve put a focus this year on putting people away.”

Cassville’s Hailey Roark, at 130 pounds, takes down Marshfield’s Emily Croy, who she pinned in 19 seconds. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

Fortner said the competitive nature of the team extends to the bench, too.

“They compete with one another who can get the fastest pin,” he said. “They are very competitive, and that makes it really fun.”

While Cassville performed exceptionally at the meet, the team was a hair behind Marshfield for the Big 8 Conference championship, tallying 162 points to the Lady Bluejays’ 197.

Annie Moore, wrestling at 115 pounds, avoids a takedown attempt by Seneca’s Louzella Graham, ultimately pinning the Lady Indian in 2:12 to secure her Big 8 gold. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

“We were short a few girls, and I told them if they wanted a shot [at a team title], they would have to get the pin points or be extremely dominant, because Marshfield had a full team,” Fortner said.

Cassville soon starts on the path to the bright lights of Columbia, with the District 3 meet set for Feb. 4-5 at Raymore-Peculiar High School, just south of Kansas City.

“We will have huge brackets at districts because we are still one class,” Fortner said. “Some of these girls may have to wrestled into a 16-man elimination bracket. Before then, we are fine-tuning and making adjustments, watching film and pointing out weaknesses we can fix. We want to be able to control the matches and wrestle how we want to wrestle.”

Faith James pinned Marshfield’s Madie James in 1:25, securing her Big 8 Tournament championship at 135 pounds. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

Full results from the Big 8 Tournament include:

105: Round 1 - Jhandi Shears (Cassville) over Aubrey Simpson (Aurora) (fall, 3:05)

105: Round 2 - Ashley Montelongo (Monett) over Jhandi Shears (Cassville) (fall, 2:40)

Cassville’s Haley Morse twists the arm of Marshfield’s Camryn Elliot, who she pinned at 1:47. Morse took third place at 141 pounds at the Big 8 Tournament. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

105: Round 3 - Josselynn Yates (Marshfield) over Jhandi Shears (Cassville) (tiebreaker-1, 2-1)

105: Round 5 - McKenzie Callaghan (Nevada) over Jhandi Shears (Cassville) (fall, 5:45)

110: Round 1 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Isabella Garrity (Marshfield) (fall, 1:07)

110: Round 2 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Jade Feller (Nevada) (fall, 0:43)

110: Round 3 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Jaslyn Benhumea (McDonald County) (fall, 0:39)

115: Round 2 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Jenna Spencer (Monett) (fall, 0:43)

115: Round 3 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Alyxandrea Keifert (Marshfield) (fall, 1:46)

115: Round 4 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Sydnee Baldwin (Nevada) (fall, 1:36)

115: Round 5 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Louzella Graham (Seneca) (fall, 2:12)

120: Round 1 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Jayden Marlette (Logan-Rogersville) (fall, 0:31)

120: Round 2 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Gabbie Bybee (Logan-Rogersville) (fall, 0:37)

120: Round 3 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Jazmin Garrett (Monett) (fall, 0:46)

130: Round 2 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Emily Croy (Marshfield) (fall, 0:19)

130: Round 3 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Carley Cardoza (Marshfield) (fall, 4:56)

141: Round 1 - Essie Hibbert (Logan-Rogersville) over Haley Morse (Cassville) (decision, 12-9)

141: Round 2 - Kirsten Bruegel (Seneca) over Haley Morse (Cassville) (fall, 0:56)

141: Round 3 - Haley Morse (Cassville) over Camryn Elliott (Marshfield) (fall, 1:47)

141: Round 4 - Stacy Lopez-Apolinar (McDonald County) over Haley Morse (Cassville) (fall, 2:59)

135: Round 1 - Faith James (Cassville) over Liberty Cornell (Seneca) (decision, 13-12)

135: Round 2 - Faith James (Cassville) over Teresa Dawn (Nevada) (fall, 0:55)

135: Round 3 - Faith James (Cassville) over Scotlyn Richardson (Cassville) (fall, 1:01)

135: Round 4 - Faith James (Cassville) over Brittany Hickerson (Monett) (fall, 0:19)

135: Round 5 - Faith James (Cassville) over Macie James (Marshfield) (fall, 1:25)

135: Round 1 - Macie James (Marshfield) over Scotlyn Richardson (Cassville) (fall, 0:54)

135: Round 2 - Liberty Cornell (Seneca) over Scotlyn Richardson (Cassville) (fall, 1:45)

135: Round 3 - Faith James (Cassville) over Scotlyn Richardson (Cassville) (fall, 1:01)

135: Round 4 - Teresa Dawn (Nevada) over Scotlyn Richardson (Cassville) (fall, 1:21)

135: Round 5 - Brittany Hickerson (Monett) over Scotlyn Richardson (Cassville) (fall, 3:16)

194: Round 1 - Taylor Thompson (Nevada) over Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) (fall, 2:45)

194: Round 2 - Megan Petty (Marshfield) over Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) (fall, 3:01)

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