Sales tax revenues end year with gain

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2021 totals show only Purdy, Marionville, Washburn falling below 2020

Sales tax receipts to Barry County governments continued in December on the 2021 upward roll that was only interrupted in April, and year-end totals surprisingly continued to surge even as the COVID-19 pandemic waned somewhat, bringing double digit gains to half of the governments and related agencies funding their operations through taxes on retail sales.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $767,380.69 for the month, up 4 percent from last December. Purdy, Exeter and Washburn dropped under last December’s sum.

Cassville’s 1 percent sales tax generated $105,353.33, up $899.73 from a year ago, also continuing an eight-month streak.

Seligman’s 1 percent tax produced $11,357.97, up $497.13 from a year ago, part of a four-month streak.

Wheaton’s 1 percent sales tax showed another wild month of collections, taking in nearly three times the amount of the city’s .5 percent tax.

Wheaton received $12,145.45, up $5,764.67, or 90 percent, from a year ago for a new December record.

Exeter’s 1 percent sales tax for general bills yielded $1,889.32, a drop of $801.66 from a year ago, the third drop in six months and the smallest December total since 2017.

Washburn’s 1 percent sales tax brought in $2,509.34 for its general fund, down $1,185.98 from a year ago, the seventh drop in eight months.

Purdy’s 1 percent sales tax for paying general bills broke into the $6,000 range for the third time in six months. The $6,063.42 sum was up $2,466.34, a rise of 68 percent over last December. With four gains in six months, Purdy’s fiscal year sum reached $35,041.28, its highest level in four years and up almost $2,000 from a year ago.

Monett continued its record pace with a new top December total for its two sales taxes adding up to 1 percent for paying general bills. The taxes produced $204,171.21, up $7,461.85, or 4 percent, from last December, another record total. The nine-month fiscal year sum reached $1,792,964.71, up more than $130,000, or 8 percent, from last year’s pace, having seen no break in gains since April.

Barry County’s two half-cent sales taxes paying general bills and supporting road maintenance each generated more than $231,021, both up by more than $14,036, or more than 6 percent, for the month.

Sales taxes supporting 911 and central dispatching in the two counties also registered gains for the month.

Barry County’s .375 percent sales tax produced $164,877.89, up $2,178.65 from a year ago, the fourth consecutive monthly rise.

Total tax numbers

The following tax amounts reflect the total amount of tax collected by each city and county, in 2021, as compared to 2020.

Cassville, which collected four taxes, took in a total of $2,768335.01, a gain of $223,049.27, or up 9 percent, for the second year in a row.

Exeter, with one tax, collected $26,978.27, up 7 percent.

Monett, with five sales taxes, received $5,223,129.61, the first time over the $5 million mark and a gain of almost $400,000, or 7 percent. That sum is on top of the more than $300,000 gain in 2020, which also represented 7 percent growth. Payments from the city’s retired sales tax to pay for building the Judicial Center continued coming in, adding another $235.77 to city coffers by year’s end.

Purdy, with three taxes, collected $133,295.27, the second consecutive year for a drop, down 3 percent, or more than $4,000 from a year ago, and down more than $5,000 from 2019.

Seligman has four sales taxes and generated $317,291.93, up nearly $15,000, or 5 percent

Washburn, with three taxes, received $56,327.84, a drop of 16 percent from 2020 on top of drops in 2018 and 2019. The total was down more than $2,500 from the 2017 sum, but fortunes should reverse in 2022 with the planned opening of a new Dollar General store in town.

Wheaton, with two taxes, produced $146,998.83 after receiving big out-of-proportion payments in both September and December that appear powered by a taxpayer in arrears catching up. The sum represented a 52 percent gain in income or almost $50,000 without adding new retailers, a record unlikely to repeat in future years. Receipts from Wheaton’s general fund rose by 50 percent and the transportation tax receipts were up 58 percent. In 2019, Wheaton received less than half that total.

Barry County, which levies three taxes, took in $5,829,251.55, up 10 percent after a 9 percent rise in 2020. The sum is more than $1 million greater than what the county received in 2019 before the pandemic. The county’s second tax for the general fund augmented coffers by $652,784.55 in 2021.

Barry County 911, supported by a 3/8 percent sales tax, garnered $1,932,310.48, up 10 percent after a 9 percent gain in 2020. That represents a gain of more than $300,000 since pre-pandemic 2019.

South Barry County Ambulance District, south of Butterfield, collected an eight-cent sales tax totaling $947,545.29, down $4,344.83 from 2020. The sum is still more than $100,000 higher than the 2018 total.

Sales tax collected in 2021 for all governments

City 1 percent general Compared to 2020
Cassville $1,165,233.29 +9%
Exeter $26,978.27 +7%
Monett $2,315,601.35 +7%
Purdy $66,647.83 -3%
Seligman $141,135.32 +5%
Washburn $28,164.13 -16%
Wheaton $105,374.86 +50%
Barry County (.5%) $2,588,120.77 +10%
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