Kyle Troutman: ’Twas on the press before Christmas

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

’Twas a week before Christmas, and at the Cassville Democrat,

Busy hands were a’typing requests for iPads and baseball bats.

Each year we ask second-graders their wishes from Santa,

And while most requests are common, some make us say, my lanta!

There are 456 letters on their way to Kris Kringle this year,

And we hope they bring parents and Santa Claus cheer.

Each year children ask for all things that they like,

The most popular choices are iPads, pop-its and bikes.

Among the young gals, OMG Dolls frequent the lists,

And for the fellas, things like skateboards can’t be missed.

Some can get ambitious with their Christmastime asks,

One kiddo last year even wished for 10,000,000 cash!

Nintendos and Xboxes would also be big scores.

Some kids say they deserve them, because they do all their chores.

Another popular request is for the new Xbox One,

Though some prefer Playstations, which are just as fun.

Many wish for iPads and iPhones and tablets and more,

But we hope parents relieve Santa and buy those at the store.

Not all families can afford to award such high-tech gadgets,

So please consider the “from” and keep equal all Santa’s magic.

Puppies and kittens are perennial gifts in demand,

But receiving so many pets may cost parents a few grand.

Most children say they’ve been good, and some a little naughty.

Luckily for them, Santa looks over being slightly haughty

Some children ask Santa for gifts for their family or friends,

Others are just happy for anything the Jolly Ole Saint Nick sends.

Almost all kids this age are full of intense, burning questions,

Like, how do you deliver the world’s gifts, and all in one session?

How do you make your toys? Is Rudolph real? Can he fly?

How can you eat all those cookies, and how do your reindeer stay in the sky?

A lot of children were thankful for Santa sending their home an elf,

Though they have questioned the magic that sits them upon the shelf.

The letters are quite fun for us to read and transcribe,

Though some give us heavy hearts when we have to describe.

A few kids’ requests indicate some difficult times.

Without fail they come every year, an unfortunate paradigm.

Can you bring back my aunt, or make sure my mom is happy?

My doggo is lost or has died, so can you bring a new one snappy?

We at the paper hope all the second-graders’ wishes will come true

though we realize some may be much harder than others to do.

We hope you take some time to read the letters from our kids,

And we hope Santa drops by with gifts when they shut their eyelids.

The best part of Christmas is the spirit of giving,

And we hope your holidays are rewarding and fulfilling.

As the 25th fast approaches, an exciting morning is in sight,

So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Kyle Troutman has served as the editor of the Cassville Democrat since 2014. In 2017, he was named William E. James/Missouri Outstanding Young Journalist for daily newspapers. He may be reached at 417-847-2610 or editor@cassville-democrat.com.

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