New owner at Forever Yours

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
C.J. Tabor, left, is the new owner of Foreverd Yours Embroidery, which she purchased from Valerie Speer. Jordan Troutman/

Local business sells, keeps same quality of products, service

For more than 10 years, Valerie Speer ran a successful business near the Cassville square Forever Yours Embroidery.

She opened on May 3, 2011, on her sons birthday. Speer said it all started with a personal hobby.

From a few loyal local customers to a multi-state presence, Speer has grown her business over the last decade with a special quality of product, as well as relationships with her clients.

I really appreciate all of the support from family to friends to my clients, Speer said. I have truly enjoyed getting to know all of my wonderful clients.

This is not just a business. There have been friendships that have developed.

Speer said being able to create one-of-a-kind products has been her favorite part of owning Forever Yours Embroidery.

I love to make people happy, she said. I officially sold the business on Oct. 29. I am ready to spend some time with my family and just slow down a bit.

Speer said C.J. Tabor, who bought the store from Speer, worked the last Christmas season with her at Forever Yours Embroidery.

I wish her the best of luck, she said. I am anxious to see where she can take the business from here.

Tabor plans to keep the business name the same.

She is planning on expanding the online side of the business, Speer said. She has a business plan in place, and she is ready to go with it.

A few years ago Speer advertised to sell the business, but Tabor is the one who approached Speer about purchasing the business a few weeks ago.

She asked if I was still interested in selling, Speer said. When she was working for me last Christmas season, she told me one day she would own the business.

I am thankful for all of the support I have had along this journey. I appreciate each and every client, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Tabor said Monday was her first official day of retirement from Walmart.

I worked in corporate for 24 years, she said. But, growing up, everyone in my who family sews, or cross-stitches, or does some kind of handiwork, so that is what I grew up doing too.

Working in the corporate world, Tabor said her favorite jobs were the ones where she could help people appreciate others.

Those were the most impactful jobs for me, she said. I have shopped here [at Forever Yours Embroidery] for years, and I worked here with Valerie last year. It all really just clicked.

Tabor confirmed that she has no intention on changing the business name.

I think it is a clever name, and it just makes sense to keep it, she said. It has been here for 10 years. It is not my intention to come in and start changing everything.

I would love to have a bigger online presence, but I want to keep the inventory that people have come to expect and enjoy from Forever Yours Embroidery.

Tabor said it is her job to pick up where Speer has left off, not come in and try to start over.

I have a 16-year-old daughter who is a sophomore at Cassville high school, she said. I have a 21-year-old son who also graduated from Cassville. My husband did too, and his parents taught at Southwest until they retired, and I grew up in Rocky Comfort and graduated from Wheaton. So, we are all locals.

Tabor said her love language is giving gifts.

I absolutely love giving gifts and helping people come up with special gifts to give to their loved ones, she said. I love brainstorming and getting creative. I have always been crafty and enjoy handiwork.

Tabor said she has a need to be creative.

Valerie spent so much time building relationships with people, and I dont want to lose that, she said. I want to build those relationships too.

Some things Tabor is excited to bring into the store are items that show off her sassy side.

I love clever and funny sayings, she said. I want to keep the quality of product and atmosphere of friendship.

I want clients to know that I am not changing. I am keeping the merchandise that you have come to love.

Tabor said there is one client who comes in to buy the same kind of blanket every time he gets a new grandchild.

I want to help you build traditions in your family, Tabor said.

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