Chuck Terrill: It looks like a snowy winter ahead

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

You might want to find your snow shovel. It’s buried in a corner of the shed or garage, covered up by more recently used items. Get it carried over to your front porch where you will need it. If you can’t find that shovel, get to town and buy one, right away. Get the biggest snow shovel you can afford.  You are going to need it! This is going to be one of the snowiest winters in recent history.   

While you are at it, stock up on all of your snowstorm panic supplies. You can freeze a gallon of milk and a couple of loaves of bread. Fill a cardboard box with some canned goods and slide them under the bed. Get a 90 day refill on all of your medicines. This is going to be one of the snowiest winters in recent history.   

If you plan to get out, you will need some windshield deicer. A set of tire chains or snow tires will be a necessity. Have a survival kit with some wool blankets in the trunk, just in case. Get some warm winter gloves and hats. Knee high insulated rubber boots will be a nice touch. This is going to be one of the snowiest winters in recent history.   

How do I know what to expect from Mother Nature this winter? I am not a prophet or a soothsayer.  But I do know how to read a persimmon seed. 

“Persimmon seed?” you ask. “What does winter have to do with persimmon seeds?” 

Before there were modern weather forecasters, there were persimmons. Old folklore, believed like the gospel by my grandparents, said that the seeds inside of the persimmon fruit will tell you what to expect in the winter.

The tradition, and my own personal experience, says, “If you slice the seed of the fruit in half what you see inside will show you how the winter will be in your area.”

Wait until the persimmon is all wrinkled up and golden yellow. For heaven’s sake don’t eat a green persimmon! Your mouth will pucker so hard your teeth will pop out! When the persimmon is ripe, just suck the seed out of it and split it right down its seam with a pocket knife.  

Inside you might see the white form of a knife. That means that the winter will be really cold, and the cold wind will be cutting, like a knife. 

If you don’t see the shape of a knife, you might see the shape of a fork. If you find a fork, the winter will be mild, and there will be plenty of food to eat.

But if you see a tiny white spoon, it means that there will be more snow than normal, and you will feel like you are using a spoon as you shovel all of that snow! 

Find a persimmon tree and check it out for yourself. All of the persimmon fruit is shouting “Snow!” this fall. Neither my grandparents, nor their grandparents have found this form of weather forecasting to fail.

Get ready, now.  Don’t be taken by surprise. The persimmon seed has spoken.

Chuck Terrill, who has doctorates from Master Theological Seminary and Trinity Seminary, is the senior minister at First Christian Church in Cassville. He may be reached at 417-847-2460.