Kyle Troutman: A happy first year

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Pierce City Leader-Journal Editor Paul Donley and I were talking before the Eagles football game a couple weeks ago and he told me his 50th wedding anniversary was this month.

Iíve had plenty of people tell me their anniversaries are coming up, and Iíve celebrated the anniversaries of my parents and other extended family.

But, Paulís mentioning of his 50th hit me different than any other anniversary Iíve been informed of or celebrated because I had an anniversary coming up, too!

My wife and I celebrated our ó count it ó first wedding anniversary Saturday. In traditional gift style, I am writing this column about us and delivering the paper to her forthwith as a token of my admiration.

Donít worry, I got her something else paper-related thatís a little nicer than my weekly opinion page rantings, though this could be an added gift.

Itís a little strange for me to be celebrating a wedding anniversary. I spent so many years of my life, at least 8, essentially married to my job and career.

Itís special to admit someone came into my life and changed all of that, and quickly. For those who donít already know from our Connection Magazine articles she has penned, or the couple times I have talked about it here, Jordan and I met at a place that shouldnít have surprised anyone but did ó at work!

She came into my office in the late summer of 2018, wholly unqualified for the reporter job for which she was interviewing.

When people ask how we met, it is always noted that I recommended we not hire her for the position, which had been open for months at that point.

And, had my advice been followed, neither of us would be where we are today.

No, I have to thank my boss, General Manager Lisa Craft, for shrugging off my uncertainty in favor of ďa good feeling about this oneĒ and making the hire.

It wasnít long before I had a feeling too, one all my family, friends and society as a whole say was a bad idea. Fortunately, she had the same feeling, and all the same family, friends and society saying the same.

ďYou canít date your employee!Ē

ďYou canít date your boss!Ē

Watch us.

Jokes aside, many times things do not turn out so well in this scenario, and we were both very open from the beginning that should it not work out between us, the work life could not suffer.

Again fortunately, it did work, and amazingly. Just over a year after meeting, I proposed, and on Oct. 16, 2020, we managed to downsize our plans and get married despite a worldwide pandemic.

Now, a year later, we have a two-month old princess and an energetic and inquisitive first-grader to fill out our young ó seemingly instant ó family.

Like most husbands, or at least the good ones, I feel like Iíve learned a lot over the last year, both about being a partner and being a father.

In the former, I think one of our greatest successes over the last 12 months has been our openness and willingness to communicate.

When Jordan or I are upset, tired or frustrated, or happy, excited or content, we have open conversations about those feelings and come up with ways to mend them or enjoy them.

Instead of being passive aggressive or bickering, we meet issues head-on and seek solutions to them.

I cannot be more thankful to have a partner that is so open and together be able to set a positive example for our daughters of what a healthy relationship looks like.

We also do something that may seem simple but is a true cornerstone to any good relationship ó we laugh.

Whether itís jokes or quips we make, playing with the kids or watching something funny, we have as much fun as we can because without laughter, the air is simply dead and boring.

With one year down, Iím excited to see what the next brings (no more kids for now, please) and what the many more bring after that.

Weíre a ways off from Paulís 50th celebration, but that just gives me more time to save up some paper and buy something gold.

Happy first anniversary, Jordan! May this paper be proof of my love!

Kyle Troutman has served as the editor of the Cassville Democrat since 2014. In 2017, he was named William E. James/Missouri Outstanding Young Journalist for daily newspapers. He may be reached at 417-847-2610 or editor@cassville-democrat.com.

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