SKITS putting on ‘The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon’

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Theatre group to perform Nov. 12-14 in Shell Knob

Christmas is a time for magic, a time to watch as many original Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as humanly possible.

From this concept and juncture ensues a hilarious comedy that is a parody on the Hallmark Christmas movie genre, “The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon,” the fall theatrical presentation by Shell Knob in the Spotlight (SKITS).

SKITS is pleased to introduce eight new actors to the stage, who coupled with many of the seasoned actors, will help make this performance an absolute wonderful mixture of both youth and maturity.

Now into the fourth week of rehearsals, the actors are working hard to memorize their lines, and also starting to fine tune their characters, which is often a methodic yet engaging time to try and add such character traits as interesting bodily stage movements, hand gestures, facial expressions. All nuances that will help bring the characters to life.

“The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon,” with its large cast of colorfully entertaining characters will be performed Nov. 12-14 at the United Methodist Church in Shell Knob.

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