Sales tax revenues up again

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Cassville sets new August sales tax record

Sales tax revenues to Barry County cities continued their COVID-19 pandemic uptick, besting last August’s receipts but with slowed gusto, reflecting more modest gains seen since April.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax took in $698,151.19, up 5 percent from a year ago. Only Seligman failed to top last August’s totals.

Cassville set a new record with its 1 percent sales tax for its general fund with $93,046.22, up $5,039.65 from a year ago, breaking the old August record that had held since 2014. Cassville’s 2021 sum has bested last year’s rate by more than $63,000.

In contrast, Seligman saw its 1 percent general fund tax sink to $12,966.67, better than 2019 but not in the $16,000 range seen in 2018 and 2020. The setback didn’t hurt Seligman as its 2021 sum bested last year’s pace by nearly $4,000.

Smaller towns all shared the general momentum. Washburn’s 1 percent general fund tax yielded $3,501.40, two and a half times the amount that came in a year ago.

Exeter’s 1 percent tax topped $3,000 for the second time this year after failing to do it even once in 2020, receiving $3,772, up $998.87 from last August. Wheaton had one of its odd months when its two taxes paid out in the proper mathematical proportion. The city’s 1 percent general fund tax generated $5,184.25, up $687.02, or 15 percent, from last August.

After two months of sales tax shortfalls, Pierce City bounced back big in August. The city’s two sales taxes at 1.125 percent pulled in $13,790.04, up $7,012.76, or more than double last August’s sum, erasing the nearly $5,000 deficit incurred in July. Four months into the new fiscal year, Pierce City finally topped last year’s pace by almost $3,000, hitting $44,312.65 for a record in the 11 years the city has had two taxes bolstering its general fund.

August totals carried Pierce City’s general fund to $83,156.10 for the year, up more than $3,000 from the pace in 2020.

Purdy, which ended its fiscal year in June at a deficit, bounced back as its 1 percent tax paying general bills produced $6,591.42, up $261.01 from a year ago. That was enough to give Purdy its best start on a new fiscal year since 2015 with $12,191.06, nearly $100 ahead of a year ago. The total gave Purdy’s general fund $43,797.61 for 2021, a bit more than $3,000 behind last year’s pace.

Monett powered the county’s drive with a 5 percent gain on a the largest sum to come to any recipient for the month. Monett’s two sales taxes for the general fund totaling 1 percent generated $185,962.77, up $8,406.68 from a year ago for a new August record, a record that’s been broken four years in a row. That also set a new high mark for the city’s fiscal year sum after five months, as the $967,905.45 total bested last year’s amount by more than $47,000, or 5 percent.

With receipts down only once since 2021 started, Monett’s general fund hit $1,490,542.09, topping last year’s pace by more than $66,000.

County totals oddly did not both follow the municipal gains.

Barry County’s two older .5 percent sales taxes supporting the general fund and road maintenance each brought in $215,182, down $5,856 from a year ago. It was the third drop in receipts for the county this year, though the big gain in July more than made up for the setback. The 2021 total for each tax has topped $1.64 million to date, up by nearly $120,000.

The separate sales tax supporting 911 and central dispatching services followed the same pattern.

The .375 percent sales tax supporting services in Barry County received $161,327.12, down $4,428.53, or 3 percent, from a year ago. Barry County’s 2021 sum is still ahead of last year by almost $88,500, or nearly 8 percent.

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