DIBELS test scores improve for Wheaton this year

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

McFall: ‘Our students are making growth’

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) testing scores have improved in the Wheaton elementary school.

Jordan McFall, Wheaton elementary principal, believes this improvement is credited to new curriculum added this school year.

“This is a Missouri approved assessment for Dyslexia screening,” she said. “DIBELS is our universal screener for our Response to Intervention (RTI) program and this is how we build our RTI groups.”

RTI programs are an approach to early identification and support to students with learning or behavioral needs.

“The new curriculum that has been added is called Wonders,” McFall said. “This helps our elementary be vertically aligned. This curriculum aligns with the Missouri Learning Standards and helps us ensure that we are teaching standards that are required by the state.”

Wonders was purchased this for grades kindergarten through sixth.

“It is not specific to this school year, and it is a curriculum we will continue to use in the future,” she said. “Positive results means that our students are making growth in the area of reading.

“We hope that this means they will be better prepared for the state testing, MAP, in the spring.”

McFall said she believes Wonders has had a positive impact on the scores because the elementary is vertically aligned better and it is all focusing on the same skills. 

“My staff has done a great job with the new curriculum,” she said. “There is an online component as well and our staff and students have handled this wonderfully this year. Each grade will DIBELS test three times a year, in the beginning of year, middle of year, and end of year.”

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