New faces in Wheaton city hall

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

2 new employees welcomed into city positions

The city of Wheaton recently underwent some staff changes and welcomes two new faces into its ranks.


JoGina Park, the new city of Wheaton city clerk, replaced Marianne Witt, and Marcy Merkle, the new city of Wheaton court clerk, replaced Micha “Mindi” Peckham. Both started their new positions recently.

Merkle said she grew up in Stella, but she spent a lot of time in Wheaton with friends and family.


“The job became available, and it worked well with my schedule,” she said. “I have two children, and I wanted to be able to spend more time with them, as well as stay close to home and be a part of the community again.”

Currently working full-time, Merkle will soon step back into a part-time role.

“I like office work and challenges,” she said. “I like being a part of my community.”

She has never worked as a city employee before, and she started her new job on Jan. 29.

“I love it so far,” she said. “I have lots of ideas to bring the city, and I am super excited about this.”

As a court clerk, Merkle’s responsibilities will include tickets, warrants and other police-related work.

Park said she grew up and went to school in Wheaton.

“I watched the position open a couple of times for part-time work, but I needed a full-time position,” she said. “When that came open recently, I was interested.”

Park had worked for Cox in Monett for 18 years prior to this position.

“This job will keep me close to home,” she said. “I have three children in Wheaton school, and I was looking for a change.”

Park has lots of experience in an office setting preparing her for this position.

“I will love working with the public here,” she said. “I love to be organized and I hope to bring those skill into this job. I love my community, here is nowhere else we would have wanted to raise our children.”

Park started her position as city clerk on Monday.

“Being a part of the Wheaton community and giving back is exciting for me,” she said. “My responsibilities will include accounts receivable, accounts payable, city payroll and working with the community.”

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