City of Seligman updates code for hotel interest

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Nichols: ‘The city is always supportive of new business’

The city of Seligman recently updated the planning and zoning codes referring to hotels and taverns after interest in building a new hotel in town surfaced.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said a developer called and was interested in purchasing the property behind Harps and possibly putting in a hotel.

“Hotel was listed in the code but not mentioned in the commercial section,” he said. “We only added the word ‘hotel.’”

As of now, there has been no further discussion on the possibility of a hotel in city limits, but the city went ahead and updated the code for future needs.

“There have been hotels before, but for some reason it was never added correctly,” Nichols said. “Whether it happens or not, now that step is completed.”

While it is too early to say more on the development right now, the city is supportive.

“It is really interesting,” Nichols said. “The city is always supportive of any new business. It is all growth, growth invites more people here and in turn continues to offer more growth.”

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