Vision 150 focus on Vintage Wing

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Brent Hames, with CDL Electric Company, works on the completion of the HVAC heating and cooling systems outside the newly renovated Vintage Wing. Jordan Troutman/

Cassville continues with renovations

Nearly two years ago, voters passed a $4 million no-tax-increase bond issue for the Cassville school district to move forward on the Vision 150 plans.

From playgrounds to a renovated Vintage Wing, the last year and nine months have been full of projects and progress as the Cassville district, literally, hammers out the final items on their lists.

Nick Norbury, with Norbury Electric, worked on the Cassville Vintage Wing’s electrical systems. Jordan Troutman/

Dusty Reid, Cassville director of facilities and operations, said one major completion happened in September when the Early Childhood Center opened.

“Lately, we have put in new windows and new roof on the Vintage Wing,” he said. “We have had a lot of compliments on the new windows, how it makes it look and how well it matches the rock gym.”

In addition, all the sidewalks have been completed

Austin Kelly, Mike Howland and Colin Harding, with Branco Enterprises, work on the concrete slab that will eventually be the new and updates entrance for the middle school office. Jordan Troutman/

on the exterior of the Vintage Wing.

“Inside, the sheet rock is finished, and 90 percent of the painting is completed,” he said. “The flooring is 75 percent completed and will be finished within the next week. The ceilings are all in and the lighting and intercom systems have been installed.”

Other completed tasks in the Vintage Wing include the restrooms and HVAC heating and cooling systems.

“Procuring all the furniture for the Vintage Wing may take awhile,” Reid said. “It is mostly minor work to finishing the Vintage Wing. There is one lab room that will need cabinets and sinks.”

Followed by electrical outlets and installing water fountains, the Vintage Wing should be wrapping up fairly soon.

“There are four entrances that are to be renovated into secure entrances,” he said. “Right now you can see that work being done right outside the elementary offices and cafeteria. Doors will be added closer to the circle drive, which will create two layers of doors.”

While these additional doorways do add to the security of entering and exiting the building, it also creates a waiting are for parents picking up their children, as well as being more energy efficient.

“We expect that to be completed in a few weeks,” he said. “Already, the entrances to the primary building and back entrance to the middle school are up and running. They just need a few finishing touches.

“There will be nine sets of exterior doors, kindergarten through eighth grades, all on the south campus.”

There will be some landscaping and sidewalk work done between the Vintage Wing and the Rock Gym.

“Those materials should be delivered next week,” Reid said. “We still have some playground work to do.”

In the expansion the Early Childhood Center, the preschool playground was taken out.

“The preschool has been using a temporary playground, but we will get one more permanent,” he said. “We are still in the early stages of that project, but it will get attention and upgrades.”

In other projects around the district, swings have been fashioned for the third-, fourth- and fifth-grade playground.

“A teacher mentioned that her students would love to use swings,” he said. “We had some parts left over from an old play structure, and we were able to create swings to offer the children at recess.”

The two swings and fall material around the area has been completed.

“We also installed some new bleachers in the rock gym,” Reid said. “We completed that in the spring. Our staff had to push and pull the bleachers in and out to use them, and the bleachers were getting old and it was more difficult.”

The small project was easily completed out of left over seats from the new high school bleachers that went in two years ago.

“A new parking lot down by the Early Childhood Center has also been created,” he said. “We took out the house that was there, and now, it is usable for preschool parents.”

Finally, in order to create more seating outside the FEMA Event Center, the district has installed multiple benches in the area.

“We have received 15 benches and installed five so far,” Reid said. “Students can social distance and use the benches for many classes, many students have been using them so far.”

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said he is looking toward the end of February for completion of the Vintage Wing projects.

“We will then engage with teachers on the Wildcat Committee to talk about furnishings in the Vintage Wing,” he said. “We didn’t have plans for students to access the Vintage Wing this semester so we will look to have that completed around March or April.”

The $4 million Vision 150 bond issue was passed in April 2019 with a 74.41 percent vote in favor.

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