Benefit for Ruth Primrose on Jan. 16

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Local woman wages second fight for her life

Nearly 30 percent of people diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will later develop metastatic breast cancer.

One of those individuals is a local woman who has been on a breast cancer journey — not once, but twice.

Ruth Primrose, 58, of Cassville, beat cancer once, back in 2018.

Even after beating cancer, Primrose knew she would have a future of PET scans, but she continued to live her life, and she even began raising her two young granddaughters.

Unfortunately, Primrose’s journey was not over, and in late June 2020, she noticed an extreme back pain.

After a trip to the emergency room, she received several scans, including X-rays and MRIs. Immediately, the concern was a return of her cancer.

This theory was proved when she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in her spine — which is still classified as breast cancer.

In July, Primrose began radiation, which was soon followed by medications to help with pain. In addition, she started taking a chemo pill, which wouldn’t get rid of the tumor, but it may shrink it.

There is no cure for the cancer Primrose deals with today, but there is a chance to control it.

Due to the treatment and pain, Primrose has been unable to work, however, she is still the primary caretaker for her two granddaughters.

Primrose has told the doctors she wants to live long enough to raise her girls.

Family and friends have seen the struggles and have wanted to offer some help for months, and on Jan. 16, community members are welcomed to join an event to honor Primrose at Stumpff Family Event Center in Cassville.

Juli Senters, family friend, said friends and family got together in October to discuss what could be done to help raise money.

“We came up with a chili dinner, auction and bingo night,” she said. “The chili will all be donated and catered in, and drinks and desert are included in the cost. It will be served from 4-7 p.m.”

Additionally, there will be a silent auction from 4-7:30 p.m.

“Local businesses have donated money and items to be used for Ruth,” she said. “There are some amazing handmade items from members of the community, as well.”

Bingo will start at 5 p.m. and will cost $5 for one card or $20 for five cards.

“Each card has four sheets, so it will be a lot of fun,” she said. “Finally, there will be a gun raffle for a Savage Axis 270. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased the day of the event or in advance. People do not have to be present to win the raffle.”

Family and friends of Ruth Primrose have also been selling bracelets to raise money for her and her medical expenses.

“They say #TeamRuthie,” Senters said. “On the other side they say, ‘No one fights alone.’”

The bracelets are $5 each and are available now and at the event.

“We were able to get $1,000 to give her before Christmas to help out, and she was just so appreciative,” she said. “She is the sweetest and kindest person who would do anything for anyone, so this is a way for us to do something for her.”

To those who have already donated and given, Senters would like to say thank you on behalf of everyone involved.

“We want her to know she is not in this alone,” Senters said. “No one fights alone, and we are all here to support her and do what we can to help her.”

For more information people may contact Senters at 417-342-1646 or the Facebook page, 613533182754798/.

People may visit 392658682063707/392659312063644/ to donate monetarily.

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