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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Cassville YMCA ready for 2021

After the holiday weight gain, from Halloween candy to Santa’s cookies, one of the more popular New Year resolutions is to lose a few pounds, get into better shape or simply just keep with the progress they had made the year before.

Locally, people can find the equipment, support and activities to meet their New Year’s resolutions at the Cassville YMCA.

Rick Ragsdale, Cassville YMCA executive director, said one option to start the New Year is by utilizing the YMCA Pay the Day program.

“It runs through Jan. 31,” he said. “Until Jan. 1, the joiner fee was at $0. On Jan. 1, it was $1, Jan. 2 $2, and so on.”

The membership fee stays the same, but people have the ability to save up to $55 with this program.

“It is our way of kicking off the New Year and encouraging people to sign up while their resolutions are fresh,” he said. “People have a better chance of success the sooner they apply their resolutions to real life.”

In addition, the Cassville YMCA is excited for a number of new programs and changes in 2021.

“This year, we are running Core Weight Loss on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m.,” Ragsdale said. “It starts on Jan. 12 and is 12 weeks long. It’s a weight loss support group.”

For members, this group cost is $75, and child care is provided.

“It is a YMCA national program that focuses on the many sides of weight loss,” he said. “One week will focus on challenges of weight loss and others will focus on motivations, meal planning and custom workouts.”

Depending on the turnout, the program may continue throughout the year.

“If people are interested, we will keep it going,” Ragsdale said. “The group max is 15 people, so we need those sign-ups before the first meeting if possible.

“We don’t want people joining the group too late because it will be an intimate group who works closely on their goals.”

The program isn’t designed as a sit-and-get, where the participant is lectured.

“It is very much a close small group who discusses their journeys,” he said. “We want to build each other up and set weekly goals, which you will be held responsible to in the group, as well as offer knowledge and advice.”

For non-members, the Core Weight Loss group is $175, but the participant will have full access to the YMCA as if they were a member for three months.

“It is a great way for possible new members to experience everything we have,” he said. “People can sign up at the YMCA or online.”

Other programs to look to in 2021 include the tumbling classes which starts in January, and the spring soccer league.

“Sign-ups are already out for those activities,” Ragsdale said. “This year for soccer, we are offering bitty soccer. This will be for children ages 3-4.”

Instead of games, the teams will have two practice clinics a week, similar to scrimmages.

“It is something for the younger children we want to offer,” he said. “And for the older youth, we are starting a program called Iron Teens.”

This program started when school resumed from winter break and is only for members.

“It is for children from seventh grade to 12th grade and is after school until about 6 p.m.,” he said. “It is a workout program designed for the youth. The teens will workout, get a snack and have an activity, but there will also be time to do homework while using the YMCA wifi.”

The Iron Teen program would be great for offseason athletes.

“The best advice for sticking to resolutions is to find a partner,” Ragsdale said. “It helps keep you both on track and be responsible to each other. It can be so easy to quit on yourself.

“In 2021 people are looking to reimagine themselves, find someone and be their person through that, and let them be yours.”

People may contact the Cassville YMCA at 846-1535, or online at

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