Wheaton plans next phase of sidewalk project

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

City seeking grants for phase 4 of work

Since 2008, the city of Wheaton has been working on a project to replace sidewalks and street lights.

The most recent phase was in February 2019, which included the school in the transportation enhancement grant. The focus was extending the sidewalk to the ballfields.

Now, the city looks into phase 4 of the project, but are unsure what that will entail.

In 2018, the city of Wheaton was working on phase 3 of the project and submitting applications for phase 4.

At the time, phase 4 was meant to focus from the preschool to down Hurlbut Street, then cut south on Reasor Street for a block, then go up to the post office.

Mindi Peckham, Wheaton court clerk, said the city will be reaching out to Anderson Construction, who did the work on the other phases of the project.

“The council has had hesitations on where the sidewalk would go, maybe even splitting it into phase 4 and 5 because it is the biggest project,” she said.

The city is hoping that Anderson Construction will be the first steps to finding out how much moving the sidewalks and splitting the projects will be.

“After that they all present to the council,” she said. “We are also looking into a grant at this time.”

Phase 4 was intended to be completed in 2020.

“With everything happening, we didn’t know what was available, as far as grants,” she said. “We got confirmation last month that there are grants available for this project, so we had to change the original plan.”

Additionally, the city of Wheaton has been updating the lighting in the Community Center.

“We are converting the lights to LED as needed,” Peckham said. “They conserve costs and last longer, so it was the smartest idea.”

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