Lady Eagles happy for a break

Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Purdy’s Jessi Hoppes passes the ball into the block for the Lady Eagles this season. Jared Lankford/

Purdy looking for team to rise

Talents of a coach is an ability to be patient.

Coaches take talents, train them, mold them and then have to wait for everything to come together on the court.

For Purdy Coach Brandon Moore, his plan was working initially, but the team took a small step back and is just now figuring out what needs to happen.

“This season is one where we needed some self confidence at the beginning of the year,” Moore said. “We came into the Verona Tourney at the beginning of the year, took second and got that confidence. Then, we ran into a stretch of games where we had to play without Annabell Bowman, who makes things go. In those games without her, we had girls playing in spots they don’t normally play, and we struggled. I think we took a step back.”

Purdy began 2-1 with Bowman and went 0-3 without her. However, the team may have figured out a thing or two in the meantime.

“During these last three games, we have had to go from hoping that we can compete to knowing that we can compete,” Bowman said. “If we come in knowing that we can play with teams instead of getting into the games and figuring it out, then we can do some things.”

For now, the Lady Eagles have plenty of time to practice and to rest, as they do not play again until 2021. By that time, they will again be a full strength and looking to fly high.

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