A helping hand dealing with food insecurity

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Students get creative to help those in community

This year has brought many different struggles for people in surrounding communities, and with the holiday season comes a generosity from those more fortunate in the form of food pantries, angel trees and other programs.

The Cassville FFA wanted to offer a helping hand, as well.

John Littlefield, Cassville FFA advisor, said the school has participated in food drives in the past.

“Usually, different school groups and organizations team up,” he said. “They start around Halloween and they ‘Trick or treat so that others can eat.’”

This year, staff didn’t want students going door to door and decided they would have to find something else.

“FFA officers came up with the idea,” he said. “Students put boxes together and worked with officers to create drop off locations.”

The students got creative and had fun to try to get people to donate and participate.

“The box at At the River Consignment is a canoe, and the sign says, ‘Canoe help the Cassville FFA this holiday season?’” Littlefield said. “I think this will be something we will continue to do in the future.”

The food drive collections started on the Monday after Thanksgiving break and will continue until Friday.

“This way, food can get to the pantry and be distributed as needed,” he said. “We teach our students that if they want Cassville to be a community their children will live in, they have to get involved in their community as soon as in high school.

“With COVID-19, those needs are higher due to the extra losses of jobs, and the demand at the pantry has increased — we need to step up.”

A lesson taught to the students in Cassville FFA is, “Maybe you can’t give food, but you can give your time to help in some way.”

The Cassville FFA, said people may contact the pantry at 417-846-7871 with questions on their work and visit their website at https://www.cassvillepantry.com/.

Drop-off locations for this year's food drive are at the Cassville High School, Whitley’s Pharmacy, the Family Life Center, King Saver, The Courthouse, At the River Consignment and Tractor Supply in Cassville. People with questions or concerns about the food drive may contact the Cassville FFA on Facebook or at jlittlefield@cassville.k12.mo.us.

In addition to asking for donations of canned foods, dry goods, and non-perishable food items (rice, dried food, etc.) from the community, monetary donations are also greatly appreciated and accepted, as it allows the pantry to buy the goods they need as they need them. Just $1 can feed up to four people, so every donation counts.

Monetary donations can be mailed directly to the Cassville Community Food Pantry. The drive began on Nov. 30 and continues until Friday, but the food pantry takes donations at all times of the year at 800 West 10th St. in Cassville. The facility is open Monday through Thursday from 9-11:15 a.m. and is closed Friday through Sunday, holidays, and the 4th Tuesday of the month.

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