Letter to the Editor

Jan Anthony: Resident wants mask requirement in Cassville

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Dear Editor:

Here is my question to the officials of the city of Cassville: What are you doing to help us, the citizens, during the pandemic?

We are losing family and friends because no one is standing up and making it mandatory. They did it in Springfield and Rogers, and they are masked up. We need leadership, not hiding your heads in the sand and doing nothing to help us.

Many of the doctors and health officials all over the U.S. are saying to wear a mask. People who can’t wear a mask can wear a shield and still be able to breathe and keep their germs away from others. There is no excuse for why each person can’t protect themselves and others. There is no excuse for not doing this.

You will wear a seat belt, put on shoes and a shirt to eat in a restaurant, take everything out of your pockets and take off your shoes to fly, but you won’t wear a mask. This is about other people, so please do the right thing by protecting yourself and all of us. Mask up even if the “leaders” of this town won’t issue the order.

This has nothing to do with party affiliation or religion, but has to do with decency and caring for humanity. This is not about “you” or “me,” but about “us,” we the people. If this makes some people mad, so be it. It might save you burying your loved ones just by wearing a mask.

Please protect yourself and others, even if you don’t believe it works. Take a chance and wear a mask until we can get through this terrible challenge we are facing.

Jan Anthony