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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
The No. 9 NAPA Auto Parts sponsored NASCAR, driven by Chase Elliott, featured advertising on the right rear portion of the car for Mike’s Auto Care in Cassville. Contributed photo

Local business Mike’s Auto Care gets logo on No. 9 NAPA car

Mike’s Auto Care, a new business in Cassville, recently achieved national attention by winning an advertising spot on the No. 9 NASCAR vehicle driven by Chase Elliott.

Michael Clifton, owner of Mike’s Auto Care, said through the NAPA Cares Program, he won the sponsor spot on the car.

“It was on the right rear corner of the car,” he said. “Chase also sent us a bunch of shirts, hats and autographs.”

Clifton was originally supposed to go to the race in person, but couldn’t.

“So, Chase called me, gave us a shoutout and sent us a video,” Clifton said. “The Kansas Speedway race was on Oct. 18.”

The NAPA Auto Parts car won stage one at the Kansas Speedway NASCAR Cup Series, got 5th in stage two, and ended as No. 5 with -8 points.

“It makes me feel special to see my name and business on TV,’ Clifton said. “Also, being a new business with that kind of attention is pretty special.”

When he first saw it on TV, Clifton said he had a sparkle in his eye.

“It was probably thousands of dollars with of advertising, which I got for free through the NAPA Cares Program,” he said. “NAPA is the main sponsor of the No. 9 car. The NAPA Cares Program helps my business, because if a customer comes in and gets a part put on, and then travel somewhere and has a problem with the part, NAPA will cover the cost and labor to fix that part.”

Clifton has used NAPA since it came to town, even while working for other businesses.

“It is a great program because it really focuses on taking care of the customer,” he said. “I want to make sure my customers are always taken care of.”

In a video message to Clifton from Elliott, Elliott said he wanted to reach out and say hey to him and everyone who works at Mike’s Auto Care.

“I appreciate what you guys do for NAPA and the support for the racing program,” Elliott said. “I am excited to have you guys on my car here at Kansas, I will do my best to have a good run for you and not tear the fenders off of it.

“Thanks again for what you do. I know you have been with NAPA for a couple of years now and I hope we can get together down the road at a race at some point when things get back to normal. I’m looking forward to the race.”

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