Deputy charged with assault

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Alleged incident occurred Sept. 10 at dinner party

A Barry County Sheriff’s Deputy has been charged with misdemeanor assault following an alleged incident on Sept. 10 at a dinner party.

Caleb Kelley, 27, of Washburn, is charged with misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and is set to appear in court on Dec. 17.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Trooper K.J. Rutledge, with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Kelley attended a dinner at the victim’s home and after the meal, the group was playing games at a bar-height table.

Kelley allegedly sat across from the victim and was touching the victim’s foot with his.

The victim moved her foot in an effort to dissuade Kelley from continuing to touch her. But the victim said Kelly continued rubbing his foot on her leg, leading her to get up from the table and go outside, as she felt uncomfortable and nervous.

Upon returning, the victim said she moved her chair away from Kelley, but Kelley continued rubbing the inside of her thigh with his foot. The victim then went outside again, and Kelley left shortly after.

The next day, the victim contacted Kelley’s wife and informed her of the incident, which led to Kelley apologizing to the victim and her husband, asking for forgiveness.

As a result of the charge, Kelley has resigned his position at the Sheriff’s Office.

If found guilty, he could face up to 15 days in the county jail and a maximum fine of $700.

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