Cupps retains 158th District House seat

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

McKinney plans to return for 2022 run

In the race for State House District 158, incumbent Scott Cupps, R-Shell Knob, retained his seat against challenger Brenda McKinney, D-Seligman, in Tuesday’s election by winning 81 percent of the 15,933 total votes.

Ballots tallied for Cupps totaled 12,962 (12,408 in Barry, 417 in Lawrence and 137 in Stone), while those for McKinney numbered 2,971 (2,845 in Barry, 111 in Lawrence and 15 in Stone).

“I am insanely thankful to the voters of the 158th District to go back to Jefferson City and represent their interests,” Cupps said. “I am proud they made the statement to vote for a government that works for the people, instead of people being enslaved by the government.

“Brenda was a formidable candidate. She is genuinely a nice person. She ran a good campaign.”

Cupps said he is eager to return to Jefferson City.

“I look forward to representing not only the people who voted for me, but for Brenda and all the people who voted for her,” he said. “I look forward to returning to Jefferson City and representing all the people of Barry County.”

McKinney said while she and her opponent belong to different parties, they share a common goal.

“I believe Scott and I are intent upon working toward very similar goals,” she said. “That is really working for the people of Barry County.

“I am happy to have been able to run. I think women need to be represented in government. My plan is to stay right here and continue to grow the Democratic party. I wish Scott the best of luck in Jefferson City.”

McKinney traveled to different areas of the county throughout the day to observe the polling practices among various precincts.

“I am happy to say that the voters of Barry County were very respectful of one another and they should be very proud of themselves for working together to run a very good election.”

McKinney said she is looking forward to the 2022 election.

“Am I going to run again? Absolutely,” she said. “This gives me two more years to work on growing the party and my [future] campaign.”

Cupps won his seat in a special election in 2019, defeating Democratic challenger Lisa Kalp with 1,950 votes to her 419. Cupps will be installed as the 158th District Representative until the General Election in 2022.

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