Shell Knob to offer 4-H

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Charter to be completed in next 2 months

4-H clubs are prominent clubs in local school districts, and one area school, Shell Knob, has decided to join the club.

Kate Burns, Barry County Youth Program Associate and 4-H, said the potential Shell Knob 4-H Club is being constructed out of a necessity for more trade and life skill programming for children in the Shell Knob area.

“We are excited to dedicate University of Missouri Extension resources and community volunteers to aiding these children, aged 5-19, in discovering and expanding upon their passions whether it be in hobbies or potential career paths,” she said. “4-H has programs in everything from our traditional roots in agriculture such as livestock showing, horses, crop science, etc. to cake decorating, robotics, shooting sports, wood working and photography for our children in Barry County to engage in.”

In Shell Knob, this club is now in the chartering process but is expected to be fully chartered in the next two months.

“This is due to the area families currently being interested and highly motivated in getting it off the ground and going,” Burns said. “4-H is very experienced in working well with families that practice homeschooling, as well as those who send their children to school in person. So, we are excited to target Shell Knob's homeschooler population as well with this club.”

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