Trump parade draws thousands

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Lillian Grubbs, 7, daughter of Quinten and Megan Grubbs, enjoyed showing her support during the Trump parade Sunday from Cassville to Monett. Contributed photo

6-mile train of cars parade from Cassville to Monett

Thousands of local supporters of President Donald Trump made their voices heard — and seen — on Sunday.

When Mandy Clevenger started a Facebook group and organized a Trump Parade, she did not quite expect the level of participation the event would receive — a 6-mile line of cars traveling from Cassville to Monett via Highway 37.

About 2,500 people said the Pledge of Allegiance, listened to “God Bless the USA” and heard a prayer Sunday before embarking on the Trump parade Sunday. Contributed photo

“Cassville and Monett have always held the title of rivals in Barry County,” Clevenger said. “I worked in Monett long enough to know that while we may rival in sports, we all agree we live in the best country in the world that allows us to be at our hometown games cheering on our hometown teams.

“I have wanted to parade for America along Highway 37 since 2016. When the boat parades and other parades were happening around the country I decided to go for it.”

Clevenger said she started the group on Facebook, Barry County & Surrounding Areas Trump Parade, and within three hours, there were 400 people.

A six-mile line of cars supporting President Donald Trump traveled from Cassville to Monett Sunday. Contributed photo

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “Within 24 hours, we had 900, and in a day-and-a-half, we had well over 1,000.”

The group now sits at more than 1,300 members, and Clevenger estimates a total of 2,500 people participated in Sunday’s event, some from as far away as Miami, Okla.

“I [was set to have] surgery on [Tuesday] that’s been put off since March, so my husband and I both thought it was best to come a little before parade time, as I didn’t want to miss the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance,” she said. “My heart literally exploded when my son came to pick me up and said, ‘Mom, you’re not going to believe this. There are so many cars and flags and people everywhere.’

“I got there, and while extremely emotional, we all said the Pledge from young to old, Travis Russell and Brandy Lauderdale played “God bless the USA,” then my husband led a prayer. My heart was just exploding.”

Two local candidates for county office and Southern Express Trucking, out of Wheaton, led the parade, and Clevenger said there was a line of cars extending over six miles. She said as the start of the line was passing Highway W at Butterfield, cars in the back of the parade were still making their way onto Highway 37 in Cassville.

“It was a beautiful, heartwarming day that I will never forget,” Clevenger said. “The red wave of Barry County came out strong, and I couldn’t be happier to live in this great county. We as a group hope you will get out and vote. We had no accidents and no trouble, just 2,500 people supporting our country, president and county. We may have the Barry County Brawl in sports, but we have the Barry County red wave for our country.”

Clevenger said the event was so successful, several people are wanting to do a second parade this weekend.

“You can join our group on Facebook for more events and to show your support,” she said. “We especially want to thank the Stumpff family at the Stumpff Family Event Center and Herd’s in Monett for allowing us to gather at their facilities.”

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