Barry County Coroner Questionnaire: Rusty Dilbeck, Democrat

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

1. Why do you want the position of coroner?

I want to serve the families and the communities of Barry County. By electing me as the next Coroner I will work to bring new things to the office.

2. What makes you more qualified than your opponents?

I believe I am qualified for the job. I have served as a Assistant†Deputy Coroner under the direction of Jim Fohn.

3. What types of training do you have that apply to the position?

I have past training experience with the previous Coroner.

4. Do you have any experience in crime scene investigation?

I will work with local Law Enforcement agencies to assist in handling the crime scene investigations, I have experience†in investigations through the Fire service and know how to preserve a scene and preserve evidence.

5. How will you determine which funeral home will take in deceased persons?

This is a choice of the families. If families are not available at the present time I will take the body to a funeral home that is in the area of where I am. I will work with all funeral homes in Barry County.

6. How will you determine if an autopsy is needed?

Autopsy will be determined by the Coroner or any Law Enforcement Officer that suspects foul play was involved in the death after a investigation is performed.

7. Are you able to manage your time in a way to be available as needed during any hours?

My time will be managed to the duties of the job, I will find a Deputy Coroner that will assist me in this time management.

8. What changes do you plan to make to the office, if any?

I plan to change a few things. I will look at the budget and align it with Barry County current needs. I will work to restore the office back, I strongly feel like the budget was cut due to the previous Coroner owning his own funeral home using his own personal resources to perform the duties, I will work to get a County vehicle for Coroner to preform his duties.

9. What would be your approach to delivering the news of a loved oneís death?

Delivering the news of a loved one isnít always the best, you have to show Love be compassionate with the families.

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